40 Stories - Bre'shae Pittman

Volunteer Coordinator

When Bre’shae Pittman graduated from college, she began teaching, but she knew her long-term goal was to work in the nonprofit field, searching for an organization that was making an impact on people from all walks of life.  She found this when she join PADV as our Volunteer Coordinator in early 2016.  Bre says, “I have the perfect job, not only because PADV does so much for those in need, but in my role as the Volunteer Coordinator I get to work with people every day who genuinely just want to serve and help out in any way that they can.”

PADV is special to Bre’ because she has always been an advocate for victims of domestic violence.  Even before joining PADV Bre’ organized fundraisers, petitions and community events to raise awareness of domestic violence.  She has always encouraged others to learn more about what they can do to stand against this preventable crime.  Bre’ says, “PADV is a leader among organizations working to assist victims and end this terrible crime.  Working here was an opportunity that I immediately jumped at and I’m still amazed at the incredible work we do. It’s an amazing feeling to have your dream job!”

For Bre’, domestic violence is personal; it began impacting her life since before she was born. Bre’s mother witnessed her oldest sister be shot and killed by her husband, Bre’ has had other family members and close friends experience intimate partner violence, and Bre’ herself struggled with an emotionally abusive relationship as a teen.  That’s why Bre’s advice to survivors is, “Don’t be that person that says it can’t happen to you.  I was someone who used to say that, but it can happen to anyone and it’s happening too often. I believe there are two important things for survivors to know: it isn’t their fault and they don’t have to feel ashamed. This is something that we need to talk about and speak against. There is nothing more empowering than sharing your story and knowing that it can help just one person. Society still has a long way to go to address domestic violence, but there are people here to help. Places like PADV can be a life saver for someone who is in need and ready to leave an abuser.”

The final thought Bre wanted to share was, “As the Volunteer Coordinator for PADV, one of my favorite things I like to share is the fact that this all began because of volunteers. Ordinary people recognized that domestic violence was a serious issue and decided to do something about it. Now here we are 40 years later and PADV is the largest nonprofit domestic violence agency in Georgia. People are amazed when they hear about all of the services we are able to provide today and it is truly remarkable. I’m so proud and honored to be a part of something so great and so empowering for survivors.”

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