40 Stories - "Brianna"

PADV Client

“Briana,” a high school senior came into our Children’s Safe House Program scared, angry and confused, was ready to overcome shelter life so she could get back to working on her goals.

At first she struggled with adapting to new living arrangements as well as a longer commute to school. However, she didn’t let these obstacles get in her way.

Once she got settled in the shelter, Briana set 10 strategic success goals she wanted to achieve while there, and to date she has achieved seven. Briana also wants to ensure her current situation does not define her future. 

Briana has become involved in her high school theater club, obtained her driver’s license, become better at following through with tasks, built her self-esteem and applied for a college scholarship through the Children’s Restoration Network. 

Briana’s future goals include becoming heavily involved in her community through volunteering in a community garden, educating others on the benefits on eating locally and developing a support group for teens and young adults. Once tackling these goals, Briana plans to build her knowledge and skills by attending Spelman College this fall.

“PADV means a lot to people because it helps them to become aware that they are being abused,” Briana said. “It helps people out of bad situations, find housing and get back on their feet. At PADV, I had the time, support and space I needed to once again learn how special I am and how much I have to offer this world!”

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