40 Stories - David Midler

 PADV Ambassador

Twelve years ago David Midler decided it was time to get involved in the community.  His first step was to make a small donation to a local charity doing important work directly benefiting his neighborhood.  That organization was Partnership Against Domestic Violence. As David began to volunteer and work more closely with the organization, his full commitment was captured as he met survivors, heard their stories and witnessed the courage they exuded.

David is the owner of Presentech and EventPrints.  For the past five years, he has generously donated his printing and design expertise for PADV’s marketing and public awareness materials, including our beautiful Hearts with Hope invitations. While David has not been personally impacted by Domestic Violence he is grateful for the important work that PADV does and how we touch those most in need.  PADV allows David to personally care for those who need a little extra help.

David is a former PADV board member. Over the past 18 months he has worked diligently to help PADV establish an Ambassadors program, a group of former board members who want to continue to be involved with the work.  David truly believes that no matter what your profession or interest, PADV has a place for you to contribute.  He states, “There are so many ways to get involved. You will meet wonderful people and make lifelong friends.  It’s a great place because the need is tremendous and the people you work with are exceptional. Your involvement will leave a lasting impact on your life.”

He closed with a message to those currently living with domestic violence.  “Get out as soon as you can. There is hope and people willing to help you.”

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