40 Stories - Dr Tameeka Law Walker

PADV Board Member

Dr. Tameeka Law Walker has served PADV as a board member since June 2016.  As a board member she serves on the Fulton Fund Development and Governance committees, and as the board liaison to the PADV Ambassador group.  Dr. Walker came to PADV after looking for a volunteer opportunity with an organization whose mission had for her a strong personal connection.

Even though extremely challenging, Dr. Walker believes a lot of her current success comes from the trials, tribulations and victories to being a child who witnessed domestic violence in her home. Through the strength of her mother and the love of her support system Dr. Walker, her mother and brother were able to get out of the situation and start over.

Dr. Walker is profoundly moved to represent an organization that aligns with her life and vision. She stated that one of her motivations for joining PADV was to “help families; women, men and children, that have been affected by DV get back on track and normalize their life.”

Dr. Walker has witnessed that the people connected to the organization; staff, volunteers and board members, have big hearts.  She loves that other board members aren’t on the board to “check a box,” but because they are committed to providing a better life and environment for the courageous victims and survivors we support.

Dr. Walker offers these important words to those currently suffering with violence in their lives; “If you are in the situation, in the safest way possible, find a way to seek help.  This is not your fault and you don’t deserve what you are going through!” Amen, Dr. Walker, Amen!!


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