40 Stories - Hannah

Shelter Advocate

To become a crisis line worker you must participate in PADV’s initial volunteer training along with an additional five-hour training specifically focused on managing the crisis line, followed by shadowing another crisis line worker for at least 16 hours. A crisis line worker must be compassionate, knowledgeable about outside resources, a good listener and most importantly, survivor-centered. It’s one of the most challenging but rewarding volunteer positions at PADV. In fact, our crisis line is the gateway to all of our services and safety.  

Hannah started with PADV as a crisis line volunteer a year ago. She started volunteering with PADV to help fill a void her current job did not provide. She was looking for her actions to have a purpose and meaning that went beyond herself. The crisis line helped Hannah find meaning and gave her the opportunity to reach people at one of the hardest moments in their lives and help them ease out of a bad situation.

She enjoyed the work so much that when a full-time shelter advocate position became available, Hannah applied and was quickly hired.

Hannah’s main role now is to answer the crisis line, provide one-on-one assistance and support to our shelter residents.

“Being involved with PADV allows me to make a significant difference in people’s lives,” says Hannah. “This work is personal to me because I grew up in a home where domestic violence was present. I understand and can feel what these women and children are going through.”

Hannah also believes that PADV is a necessary organization that the world needs.

“The world will continue to need us as long as people continue to turn a blind eye to domestic violence,” says Hannah. “Domestic violence isn’t a poverty issue or anger management issue, it’s a family issue. We provide a true chance for people to rebuild their lives. We serve people whose stories are hard to hear, but someone has to be here to listen. It’s beautiful to watch people come back to life over the course of their stay with us.”

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