40 Stories - Jeffrey Brown

Vice President of Development & Marketing

“If you hadn’t reached out to me, I never would have applied for this position.  If I had seen a listing for VP of Fund Development for Partnership Against Domestic Violence, I would have thought that you wanted to hire a woman, and would have immediately dismissed it.”

Jeffrey Brown, VP of Fund Development and Marketing for PADV, never imagined himself in that role.  He had been raising money for the Boy Scouts for several years and knew it was time for a new challenge, but wasn’t sure what that looked like.  When PADV’s CEO called him after receiving his name from a former co-worker, he was immediately intrigued.  What would it mean to bring a male voice to the work against domestic violence, a space dominated by women’s voices?  Would that add more fire to the conversation and help people see it as a family issue, not just a woman’s issue?”  Jeffrey decided he was up for the challenge, and joined PADV in January 2016.

Jeffrey has not seen intimate partner violence in his family.  However, a new perspective on the issue since being at PADV has led him to realize that many of his friends in college, both male and female, have experienced abusive relationships.  He states that now he understands the warning signs; verbal abuse, emotional control and manipulation, and threats of physical retaliation.  He wishes he had known then what he knows now.  He would have loved to have reached out to his friends and told them “What you’re experiencing in your relationship isn’t healthy, and you don’t have to go through it alone.  I’m a safe person that you can talk to.  I won’t judge, I’ll just be here and help you look for answers.”

Even though Jeffrey has not experienced DV in his life, it remains a personal issue to him.  Jeffrey has a four year old son, and is committed to raising a young man who honors and respects women, treats them as friends and equals, and has the skills to build healthy and productive relationships.

Jeffrey loves his work at PADV.  He finds it an honor to introduce people to PADV’s critically needed work, work that is saving and changing lives.  He wants people to know that if any agency figures out how to end DV it will be PADV.  “Our staff is awesome.  The folks in the shelter, doing legal advocacy, and reaching out in the community work tirelessly to reach the people that need us and give them the resources to create a safe, healthy life.” 

Jeffrey invites everyone to become a part of this work.  He believes that domestic violence will only end if we start having a conversation about it as an entire community.  “We have to be willing to have uncomfortable conversations, enough is enough. Come join us in this work.  Everyone has something they can give or do to help PADV.  What is the thing you do well?  Give that.  Give what is in the front of your closet, now what’s in back.  Help us make an impact on the big level and the individual level.  A woman in the shelter isn’t thinking about national or statewide DV statistics, she’s grateful we saved her live.”

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