40 Stories - Jennifer Cramer

PADV Executive Board Member

Jennifer Cramer found her way to PADV six years ago when the need arose for PADV to replace our Gwinnett Safe House. Jennifer joined the Gwinnett Capital Campaign Committee, and then a year later joined the agency’s board of directors. After the campaign drew to a successful close, the campaign committee converted to the Gwinnett Fund Development Committee, focused on ongoing support for the shelter. Jennifer also continued with this group, helping plan events such as the Women in Action Forum and Gimme Shelter that financially benefit the Gwinnett shelter.

The group is also active in planning special events for shelter residents, including Breakfast with Santa, a back to school bash and a Halloween trunk or treat. Jennifer and the Gwinnett Fund Development committee gave a lot of their time, talent and treasure to create a new and beautiful shelter and now use it to hold special events that help our residents feel cared for and on the road to safety and well-being. 

Years ago a close friend of Jennifer’s lived in a terribly abusive relationship. Like so many others, this experience caused Jennifer to think “why won’t she just leave, why won’t she save herself.”  Her time at PADV has shown her how difficult leaving and surviving can be, and how PADV works to create this path to safety and thriving that survivors so desperately need.  She also realizes the impact on the entire family.  Jennifer said “we are showing children that it’s not ok to be abusive whether it’s physical or verbal.  It’s important that we teach and show children that its ok to remove yourself from unhealthy situations just like their mother did.” 

Jennifer’s desire is to see women fulfilled, knowing they are worthy and equal. That’s why Jennifer keeps a copy of the hotline number saved in her phone so she can easily share it whenever the time is right.  She wants to be a person that tells PADV’s story so often in the community that she becomes an access point for people looking for help. Jennifer wants people to know “YOU know someone that is living in an unsafe home and that’s why it’s important to get involved and help spread the message, so that everyone living in unhealthy relationships gets the information and takes those critical steps to save and change their lives!”  

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