40 Stories - Karen Atkins - Board Member

PADV Board Member

Karen Atkins’ connection to PADV began in 2014 when having lunch with a board member, longtime friend and co-worker Karla Worley.  At that time Karen didn’t know anything about PADV or the work that we did, but that changed pretty quickly.  Shortly after visiting with Karla, Karen toured both the Gwinnett and Fulton shelter to figure out how to get involved.  Her initial thought was to provide a home cooked meal for the residents, and provide a family-style experience with colorful decorations, tableware, and flowers.   .  What a delight to see the smiles her delicious and love-filled meals brought to our Moms and children.  In October of 2015 Karen jumped even deeper into PADV and hosted an event at her home designed to introduce new people to the organization, and had over 50 people attend!  PADV so appreciated Karen’s commitment and support that we asked her to join our Board of Directors in 2016.  With an enthusiastic yes, Karen started out running, and almost immediately agreed to chair the Fulton Fund Development Committee and serve on the Hearts With Hope Gala steering committee, all while continuing her monthly  home-cooked meals at the shelter.

Karen was drawn to PADV because she felt it was very important to see stronger education and more widespread publicity on the topic of domestic violence.  She is concerned that while so many people are affected by domestic violence, we remain reluctant to openly talk about it.  Karen wants to help educate and inform others on how to prevent domestic violence, spot warning signs, intervene safely and help end this devastating crime.

Through her work with PADV, Karen feels incredibly fulfilled because she believes she is making a difference to so many people who are in need.  We asked Karen why she was so passionate about the work of PADV and she replied, “You never know who may be affected by domestic violence.  As a strong-willed, hard-charging executive professional woman you would never know I was once a victim, and now a survivor.  I am determined to ensure that no one should ever be overlooked no matter their station in life.” 

Karen believes that PADV is one of the most caring and personal organizations that she has ever been involved with.  She is proud that PADV works to help victims with every aspect that can be a barrier to a violence free life.  Karen encourages YOU to get involved; you never know who in your circle is being affected by domestic violence.  

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