40 Stories - Pallavi Gor

Fulton Fund Development Committee/
Super Volunteer

Two years ago Pallavi was introduced to PADV by her dear friend Karla Worley.  The invitation was simple; drive to Gwinnett County from Fulton County for  an 8:30 breakfast event. The event was our annual Women in Action Breakfast, designed to raise funds for the Gwinnett shelter and raise awareness on domestic violence.  Pallavi heard Debra Oglesby, former Chairman of the Board for Denny’s, speak about growing up in a home where domestic violence was present.  Mrs. Oglesby bravely stood at the podium and shared the trauma she’d suffered watching her Mother be subjected to severe abuse.  Pallavi recalls “feeling the knots in my stomach, my heart so heavy and uncontrollable tears streaming down my face, not only because it was incredibly moving to hear her story and how she survived but also because I could instantly relate to the pain she experienced as a child.” It was in that moment that Pallavi knew she would be getting involved with PADV, and that she was at the breakfast for a reason. 

For Pallavi, PADV gives her a platform to help those that are struggling or not strong enough emotionally or financially to help themselves.  At her core Pallavi believes “if one has the ability to positively impact another’s life, it is their duty to do so.”  Pallavi says, “Selfishly, PADV gives me a sense of purpose, pride and personal joy to stand up and contribute to a cause that I believe in, allowing me to focus on something that is greater than going out and earning a paycheck every day. It keeps me grounded and grateful for my own blessings in life. My two favorite hashtags about sum it up - #AttitudeOfGratitude #GivingIsReceiving”

Prior to the breakfast, Pallavi acknowledges that she had completely blocked her own past experience of growing up in a home where domestic violence was a regular occurrence.  Since the breakfast she more regularly shares her story to create awareness.  Her sharing has led to the startling realization that there are countless people she has known for years, having no idea they shared a similar experience. 

Pallavi advice to those living in and survivors of domestic violence, “You are not alone, take a stance and speak up against it. The more we talk about it, the more we can prevent what happened to us from happening to someone else. You have the power to take something so horrifying and turn it into something good. That is healing in itself. If you are currently experiencing intimate partner violence, you don’t have to anymore. There is an entire support system behind you to put an end to this painful, ugly experience and facilitate your transition to an abuse free life. But more importantly - YOU are stronger than you realize, take back your power!”

Finally Pallavi believes, “This organization is saving lives…PERIOD. I can’t think of anything that could be more important or fulfilling. The staff works tirelessly in this fight and they need our support. You don’t have to work for PADV or make a lot of money to make an impact. Domestic Violence is not just a “Woman’s Issue”, we also need strong male role models to lead the charge. There is a place for EVERYONE in the mission. It takes a village of kind and generous hearts, but one life at a time, we are making a difference. Let it start with YOU, let it start TODAY!”


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