40 Stories - Rayna Wooden

Vice-President of Operations

Rayna Wooden joined Partnership Against Domestic Violence in March of 2016.  After spending more than 12 years in the corporate sector, Rayna felt the call to do more meaningful work. She first learned about PADV’s mission through her volunteer efforts with the Junior League of Atlanta.  When Rayna saw the position of VP of Operations for PADV advertised she eagerly applied to join the team, excited by the opportunity to provide direction and leadership in human and capital resources to an organization that matched her passion and desire to help women. 

Rayna’s time at PADV has confirmed her belief that the work of PADV is invaluable.  Rayna says that she feels “lucky and proud to be involved with an organization that has impacted the lives of women and children in the Atlanta community for over 40 years.  In my role, I am in complete service to our wonderful staff, who directly effect change in the lives of victims of domestic violence.” 

While having no personal experience with intimate partner violence, Rayna is saddened by the unhealthy relationships she sees within her friendship circles and in teens.  “Teens and Pre-teens are under so much pressure to fit in, that they often forget or ignore the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship.”  She works now to help empower teens to find an adult they trust, can be transparent with, and talk to about teen violence.  She also encourages youth to speak up in their circles about teen violence without fear of what others will say.  Rayna loves sharing PADV’s work with teens. “I’m sure that many people already know that PADV provides Shelter Services for victims of domestic violence, but I would also like people to know that PADV is a resource for educating teens and young adults on healthy dating relationships. Through the work of our Teen Empowerment program, teens throughout the region are empowered to use their voice to speak out against teen dating violence.”

40 years of impacting a community is quite an accomplishment!  Rayna says, “Kudos to all the staff who have served this organization throughout its history. Without the dedication of the servant leaders at PADV, our work would not be possible. As PADV continues to strive towards eliminating intimate partner violence, I am also grateful for the continued support of our donors.  Their faithful investment in this work is changing and saving lives.”

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