40 Stories - Survivor of the Month

Survivor of the Month

After fleeing an unhealthy marriage Ms. King arrived at PADV with three children.  While she had a car and full-time employment, Ms. King struggled to adjust to life as a single parent raising three school aged children. Determined not to let the challenges overwhelm her, Ms. King strives to maintain financial stability for herself and a sense of normalcy for her children by working full time and finding fun extracurricular activities for her children. In addition, Ms. King obtains additional income by providing cosmetic, childcare and culinary services on the days she is off from her full-time job. Ms. King’s ambition and determination has been an inspiration to other residents and staff.  She has accomplished many of the goals she set for herself while at PADV including transferring her children to a new school, staying current on all her bills, paying off a major utility bill, and improving her relationship with her children. With PADV’s assistance, Ms. King obtained a three bedroom townhome that will help her continue on her journey of providing safety and security for herself and her children. Ms. King and her children will celebrate moving into their new home in two weeks.

Stories like Ms. King is why everyone at PADV give’s everything we’ve got!  We celebrate with Ms. King her victory over violence, and rejoice that we’re one step closer to ending this terrible crime!!  

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