40 Stories - Tempie McIntyre

PADV Volunteer

My name is Tempie McIntyre. I’m a PADV Administrative Office and Support Group Volunteer. I’ve been volunteering with Partnership Against Domestic Violence for approximately eight months. I chose to become involved with PADV because I’m a past victim of intimate partner abuse. I have experienced it first-hand and I also know of many family and friends who have experienced it. I know how emotionally devastating it is to live in a physically violent, isolated, fearful, and controlling home environment. Fortunately, I was able to seek help and get support from a domestic violence shelter years ago in order to leave my abuser and to provide a safe haven for my children and me.

It means so much to me to volunteer at PADV on a regular basis. As a Support Group Volunteer, I’m always eager to help assist, support, and encourage other victimized women from a biblical perspective based upon my own testimony. I love to sing and often use it to inspire them with songs of inspiration. This allows me to help spiritually empower the women I am blessed to meet. It also gives me the opportunity to coach and educate survivors about the dangers of living in a domestic violence relationship. It kills, not heals.

After working with PADV’s clients, my advice to them is to always keep a strong and determined mind when it comes to getting out and staying out of a physically and/or emotionally violent relationship. Survivors should constantly seek professional counseling, support, spiritual guidance, and financial and legal guidance from reliable personnel via various resources offered inside and outside of PADV’s shelters.

PADV is a great informative and supportive organization that’s been on a mission for 40 years to help end intimate partner violence and provide emergency intervention for survivors and their families. PADV offers many supportive opportunities for volunteers including: Crisis Line Advocate, Administrative Support, Children’s Activity Leader, Legal Advocate, Job Readiness Program, PADV Special Events. These PADV programs provide survivors with safe planning, life skills, financial stability, and more. They are led and guided by trained staff, advocates, and volunteers in order for survivors to live a prosperous, productive and safe life, both while staying at the PADV shelter and as they transition back into the community.

In addition, I’m so excited to help commemorate the PADV’s 40th anniversary this year. Congratulations PADV on a job well done. Just think of the many lives of survivors and families that you have touched over the years, providing life safety, empowerment, and success. Keep up the great work! I can’t stress enough how much PADV is needed and the tremendous services it provides.

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