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Yamma Brown got involved with Partnership Against Domestic Violence because it meant a lot to her to be able to support victims in one of their greatest times of need.  “It makes my heart feel good to be surrounded by others who are equally excited and committed to cultivating healthy relationships.”

Two years ago Yamma was introduced to PADV by her good friend Wendy Roberts.  Ms. Roberts invited Yamma to our annual Women in Action Forum, held at the Sugarloaf Country Club to raise funds for our Gwinnett Shelter as well as create greater awareness about domestic violence.  After Ms. Roberts read Brown’s book about her experience as the daughter of James Brown, a man with a history of domestic violence, Ms. Roberts knew the breakfast would be a good fit for Brown.  And indeed it has been, as Brown has given generously of her time and energy to the PADV Candle Light Vigil, Teen Summit, and the Hearts with Hope Gala.

What drew Yamma to PADV was an unfortunately close familiarity with domestic violence.  She understood the feelings and emotions of the people we serve a great deal because she witnessed domestic violence in her home as a child and herself was once a victim. Now Brown is a PROUD survivor, confidently sharing her story and offering this advice to any victim of domestic violence:

          “You are never alone.  You are not what your abuser says about you and you are      strong enough to get through this.”

Yamma’s goal is to always give support and help cultivate healthy relationships in the home and communities served by PADV. 

Yamma believes the work PADV does is amazing. She said, “Not only are their great events for the community, the individual sacrifices made by so many men and women to ensure the ongoing strength and viability of this organization is extraordinary.” 

As an organization we are thankful to count Yamma Brown as a friend; one of those individuals that gives tirelessly to ensure a voice and road to victory for victims of domestic violence.   

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