Growing a Safer Georgia - Amber

Domestic Violence thrives in darkness.
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In 2019 8,409 calls were answered by PADV's crisis line staff and volunteers. One of those calls came from Amber. Amber's journey to PADV started in 2015 when she relocated to Georgia from Texas to be with her boyfriend, who was also the father of her child.

Shortly after she arrived, Amber's boyfriend came home late one night and began beating her. As soon as she could flee the violence and lock herself in the bedroom, Amber called 911, as she feared for her life. When the police arrived an arrest was not made, so Amber left to spend the night in a hotel. However, lack of financial resources soon led her to living on the street and spending her days searching for support. The Atlanta Day shelter referred her to PADV and Amber soon found her way to our shelter.

While with PADV Amber obtained permanent housing and employment. Shortly after moving with her daughter into their own PADV sponsored apartment, Amber was able to take over her own lease. Thanks to PADV's comprehensive services, Amber and her daughter are now safe, independent and violence-free!!

Your support is vital for other young women like Amber! Our life-saving work is not possible without you. Because of you, survivors find comfort, safety, healing and a violence-free future.

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