Benefits of PADV’s Teen Advisory Board

The Benefits of PADV’s Teen Advisory Board

By Mikayla Cordell

PADV Teen Advisory Board Member

Hi my name is Mikayla Cordell. I am currently entering my third year as a TADV advisory board. As a board member, I have been exposed to many opportunities and have taken advantage of many.

While serving on the board, I had the opportunity to help plan the 2018 Teen Summit. It was an awesome experience because it was hosted at my own high school, which was an advantage to me because I was able to assist. This was also my second time attending the Summit and I was able to help my other group members with any questions they had about how the day would flow.

At the Summit, I led two workshops. The first workshop focused on self-love. Participants were asked what they thought about themselves and we moderated discussions about self-love and self-image. Participants also had a chance to create a self-portrait of their positive traits using cutouts of words and images from magazines. The second workshop I led was the parent workshop, which was designed to help facilitate teen and adult conversations. During this workshop, parents were encouraged to focus on how they could eliminate barriers and improve the opportunity to have open dialogue about dating violence with their teens.

Teen Summit is just one of the many benefits of being on the TADV advisory board! I’m excited to be entering my third year as a board member and we have a lot of fun events and programs to plan! In fact, to start off our school year, we are having a Twitter chat today. This chat will help start conversations on social media about ending teen dating violence that we hope will continue at the 2019 Teen Summit. We hope you will engage with us by participating in the chat on @PADVTeenScene’s Twitter page!   

Looking to become a TADV advisory board member this year? I encourage you to apply because it’s a one-of-a-kind experience! While we had an awesome TADV advisory board last year, this year we hope to add more ideas and diverse skillsets and grow our interactions with teens across metro Atlanta. 

How to Apply:

Applicants must be a minimum of 15-years-old, enrolled in high school or a high school graduate, willing to commit to the TADV Advisory Board for at least one school year, complete a parental permission form (if under the age of 18), have creative writing and social media skills, and live a healthy, drug- and violence-free lifestyle. To apply for the 2018-2019 TADV advisory board, contact Claire Lisco at [email protected].



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