The Different Types of Teen Dating Violence

It is important for everyone to know about and be able to identify the types of abuse that take place in dating relationships. In this week's blog, we will highlight the many forms of dating violence. Read more today..
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Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

57% of teens know someone who has been physically, sexually, or verbally abusive in a dating relationship. Unfortunately, Georgia has the 3rd highest rate in the US of teens experiencing physical abuse from a dating partner. Read more about teen dating violence today.
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Financial Education: Another Way to Defeat Abuse

One of the most powerful and common tools used for control in an abusive relationship is financial abuse. In 99% of domestic violence cases, the survivor reports economic abuse. Read more today..
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Growing a Safer Georgia - Amber

Shortly after she arrived, Amber's boyfriend came home late one night and began beating her. As soon as she could flee the violence and lock herself in the bedroom ...Read more about Amber's success today.
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Why Me

As men we have the ability to take on the challenge of stopping domestic violence in ways not available to women. By teaching our youth that a healthy relationship does not involve physical, verbal, or emotional abuse....Read More
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