Financial Education: Another Way to Defeat Abuse

One of the most powerful and common tools used for control in an abusive relationship is financial abuse. In 99% of domestic violence cases, the survivor reports economic abuse. Read more today..
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Growing a Safer Georgia - Amber

Shortly after she arrived, Amber's boyfriend came home late one night and began beating her. As soon as she could flee the violence and lock herself in the bedroom ...Read more about Amber's success today.
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Why Me

As men we have the ability to take on the challenge of stopping domestic violence in ways not available to women. By teaching our youth that a healthy relationship does not involve physical, verbal, or emotional abuse....Read More
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Helping Hearts with Housing

Survivors of domestic violence are often forced to choose between two unappealing options: staying in an abusive relationship or leaving that relationship with the possibility of facing poverty and homelessness. The lack of financial resources outside of their abuser's income is a very common reason victims stay in abusive relationships. Read More...
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Helping Hearts with Teen Dating Violence

One in three youth will be the victim of some type of dating violence, yet 82% of adults believe it won’t affect their children or their children’s friends. To bridge this gap, we work extensively...Read More
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