Exploring “Action to Impact”

Partnership Against Domestic Violence held its 10th Annual Teen Summit on March 2, 2019 at Decatur High School. Throughout the day, more than 300 attendees engaged in activities and workshops exploring the theme, “Action to Impact.” They were encouraged to answer the prompt “Impact Is” - focusing on what it means to positively impact the community when it comes to promoting healthy relationships and preventing dating violence.  

Here are some highlights of attendees’ responses to that prompt:

“Impact is…”

  • “…becoming a great role model for others or setting a good example.”
  •  “…sharing personal stories and experiences to amplify our cause.”
  • “…getting involved when you see a problem.”
  • “…becoming involved and speaking up if I see a friend or family member in an unhealthy relationship, if I see something, I say something.”
  • “…speaking up. Loving unconditionally; it could save a life.”
  • “…getting involved so we can impact laws and create change against domestic violence.”
  • “…engaged on purpose.”
  • “…participating in something that makes a notable difference.”
  • “…making an impression on someone so deep that it creates change.”
  • “…making a change on something that you are really dedicated to.”
  • “…an outcome that affects someone’s life in a good way.”
  • “…a long-lasting effect that always stays with you.”
  • “…supporting, advocating and empowering.”
  • “…advocacy for survivors.”
  •  “…acting, without doubt.”
  • “…taking action to help others in need.”
  • “…making a difference in the lives of others besides yourself.”
  • “…not being afraid to stand up for others.”
  • “…leaving an impression of goodness (love) on others that you have encountered on your way through life.”
  • “…helping others.”
  • “…friendship and loyalty.”
  • “…bringing positive outlets to those in need.”
  • “…positive communication.”
  • “…communicating and expressing your felt feelings.”
  • “…awareness, empowerment, persistence, consistency and setting boundaries.”
  • “…bystander intervention.”
  • “…spreading love and kindness.”
  • “…self-love and respect.”
  • “…being confident with yourself.”
  • “…embracing yourself.”
  • “…putting yourself first.”
  • “…knowing your self-worth.”
  • “…1st loving self, 2nd respecting self, 3rd share: love and respect.”
  • “…speaking up and never being afraid to use your voice.”
  • “…spreading the word about teen dating violence, causing teens to question themselves, holding workshops at our school.”
  • “…educating others on teen dating violence and empowering others.”
  • “…being aware/observant of warning signs.  Tell someone.”
  • “…having knowledge of resources available to assist if you’re having a domestic violence crisis.”
  • “…ensuring those affected are able to get services they need.”
  • “…becoming a great influence.”
  • “…something that inspires.”

To view photos from the annual Teen Summit, click here.

To learn more about how you can get involved with PADV’s Teen Dating Violence programs, you can reach out to 404.870.9615. If you or someone you know is experiencing dating abuse, you can speak to a Love Is Respect advocate by texting “loveis” to 22522 or calling 1-866-331-9474

Written By: Claire Lisco
Teen Empowerment Advocate

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