Group Volunteering

PADV welcomes volunteer groups to provide a host of services and special events for our survivors. We know that when individuals put their talents together it can make a huge impact on our families and can give them the opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime. Whether you are seeking opportunities for your friends and family, a corporate team or members of a faith-based organization, we are happy to assist you in finding the perfect opportunity that will benefit our survivors and be a great team-building experience for your group! If there is a specific project you are interested in doing, please contact our volunteer coordinator.

Donation Drive

During their 90-day stay in our safe houses, we provide free of charge every essential item our survivors need. Donation drives can help us reduce the cost of purchasing items such as toiletries, diapers, wipes, and cleaning supplies, which allows us to focus our financial resources on direct support for our survivors. If you would like to host a drive, please contact our volunteer coordinator so that we can indicate what items are currently needed. We can also create a flyer for you to share with your networks for marketing purposes.

Shelter Beautification

Help us maintain our beautiful safe houses so that our families feel safe and secure in their temporary homes. Monthly landscaping, deep cleaning, and storage organization are always needed. Occasionally, we require bigger projects such as painting, planting, or purchasing and building new furniture. This is a great opportunity for your group to support PADV and its survivors!


Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal after a long day? Get your group together and cook a delicious meal for our families. It’s a great way to interact with our survivors and to give the moms a break.

Holiday Hearts

Help our families celebrate all of the holidays with a special meal, party or other fun activity. Pamper our ladies during Mother’s Day, make sweet valentine’s with our kids for Valentine’s Day, host a spooky fun party for Halloween or bring a pretty pastel activity such as an egg hunt for Easter! Share your holiday celebration with our families and make memories that will last a lifetime for all.

Special Events

Treat our families to fun, exciting or relaxing activities just because! Host a birthday party, craft night, movie night, spa and pamper day or a field day for the kids! We love being able to treat our survivors to something special to bring them endless smiles and a treat for a day. If you have an idea for an activity, please contact our volunteer coordinator.

Holiday Toy & Gift Drive (Christmas season)

Christmas can be a difficult time for families in shelters, especially children. Volunteers can help us turn our safe houses into a magical wonderland and ensure that our kids have the best holiday ever. Groups can collect toys, gifts for women, holiday decorations, and treats so that we provide presents to all of our families. In December, both of our safe houses are turned into Santa’s workshop so that moms can go “shopping” for their little ones and gift wrap the items they choose. This is a wonderful opportunity for your group to come together and spread holiday cheer!

Welcome Home Care Packages

Continue to support our families who are moving out of our safe house by providing a new home care package! Help our families transition to their new safe home by filling a box with essential new household items including kitchen, cleaning and toiletry supplies, towels and bedding. Contact our volunteer coordinator for specific items needed.

For more information on any of PADV's volunteer opportunities or to share an idea for a group activity, contact our Volunteer Coordinator.