Meet Our New Executive Board Chair

Dr. Constance Dierickx, our incoming Board President, joined the PADV board in 2016 and has been active on the Hearts with Hope planning committee, the Governance Committee and the Executive Committee. Introduced to PADV by her good friend Karla Worley, she was impressed enough to sign on as a Gala sponsor and a volunteer leader. It was evident to Constance that PADV’s approach to helping survivors of intimate partner violence is wholistic. Survivors of domestic violence need safety from immediate danger but, they need far more. PADV provides help to secure safety, meet needs that include physical, emotional, legal, job search, and help to create a new, safe and healthy home.

President of CD Consulting Group, Constance helps boards and senior executives and organizations in high-stakes situations and crisis. Previously, she was a consulting psychologist at the Medical College of Georgia and Augusta, GA Veteran’s Hospital, where she worked with trauma survivors. There she learned that efforts to help people rebuild their lives is best done when a systemic approach is employed.

Constance wants those who support PADV to know that their choice to support the organization, quite literally, saves lives.


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