Farewell From Nancy Friauf

Don’t Blink

I’m not usually a country music fan, but I had to do a double take when I heard Kenny Chesney’s song, Don’t Blink.

“Don’t blink. Life goes faster than you think. Don't blink”

Whoa, that hits close to home.  After 42 years working in metro-Atlanta with women and children struggling with trauma and abuse, my retirement is less than a week away.  Not even possible! And yes, I have cried many tears listening to the stories and hearing the pain.  Yet just as often my heart has rejoiced as I’ve seen a mother celebrate her new safe apartment, attended the high school graduation of a boy that stole food to feed his younger brother, heard a young woman say that she is finally sleeping through the night after enduring a sexual assault, cradled the baby that now has a roof over his head after living in the car with his parents.

While it is time for me to move on to new journeys, I know I will miss the work and all the amazing people that have been a part of it.  Those I’ve been honored to serve, the incredible staff that make miracles happen, the generous and caring supporters that are the reason this work exists, the volunteers that bring the heart and love of the community into everything we do. 

I leave the organization in the best hands possible.  Starting January 1, Katha Blackwell will be CEO for PADV.  A six-year PADV leadership employee, she will grow us into an even greater force for peace, justice, and safety.

My work has been a gift to me.  You’re an important part of those blessings. As my road moves in a new direction, I look forward to discovering exciting ways I can continue to share those gifts with others. 


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