Orange for Love

Christina Zaprianova
PADV Teen Advisory Board Member


When thinking of happiness, we often think of exploring the world, having a well-paying job, and living in a nice house. During our high school years, we strive to get into the best college to help us later land that well-paying job. Once attaining this job, our focus then becomes sustaining a family and handing down the never-ending cycle. This “pure” happiness seems to be the main goal in many people’s lives including many of my peers. 

However, the happiness created within us is rarely considered. A true sense of fulfillment comes from confidence and an uplifting surrounding environment. Some of us fail to realize the impact relationships have on our ultimate goal of happiness. As people, we need a positive environment to encourage applying for a new position or taking a risk with an investment. The people surrounding us have the most impact on who we are and our mindsets. They have the power to make our lives miserable or just that much sweeter. The relationships we have facilitate forming a healthy and validated mindset which is essential for everyone. A healthy mindset is what helps us flourish, to be the best version of ourselves.  Who would want to be held back by a negative relationship? 

A healthy relationship is one where both sides encourage each other, while also maintaining their own identities. There is mutual respect and honesty, and most importantly a balance of control. In an abusive relationship, one person feels the need to gain power and control over the other. A relationship should not be the absolute focus of your life, it should be a place of strength and support, and what motivates you to strive for greatness. 

Orange for love day serves the purpose of uniting the community in support of these healthy teen dating relationships. Orange for love day is more than simply wearing a color and taking photos for social media; it is about understanding the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people and understanding your worth. 


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