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Hello PADV readers! My name is Jaime Croft and I am one of the teen dating violence prevention interns here at PADV. As an intern, my job includes a myriad of responsibilities for the teen program, including producing teen-specific social media content, assisting with outreach events and attending community meetings to educate the public on the dangers of teen dating violence. My favorite part of the job is working with our amazing Teen Dating Violence Advisory Board, which provides teenagers with the opportunity to have their voices heard and to empower them to take a stand against dating violence in their communities. These teens are incredibly thoughtful young people and their voices are critical to our program. Not only do they spread the word on teen dating violence by becoming community advocates themselves, but they also help guide the work that we do. Our teen programming is more effective because it has been observed and updated by teenagers to include a more realistic and accurate perspective.

It may be hard to picture without an insider’s perspective, but we like to say that the Board’s voices run through the entire teen program. For example, if you attended the 2019 Teen Summit, you may have heard from the Teen Dating Violence Advisory Board members during the opening session or seen them presenting at various workshops; however, what goes unseen is their planning of the entire event. They were asked to participate in planning sessions regarding the event’s theme, speakers, door prizes and entertainment. Knowing the importance of these decisions, the Board carefully deliberated over each presented option and helped to execute a great event!

These teenagers have also seen firsthand the effects of teen dating violence on their peers. They know which signs to look for and understand the importance of awareness education. Through PADV’s educational programming, the Board learned that one in three teenagers has experienced some form of dating violence and another one in three teenagers knows someone who has experienced abuse. Armed with a strong voice and knowledge, the Board can go into their respective communities to educate others on teen dating violence. They can become mentors to their peers and facilitate challenging conversations with adults in various leadership positions.

Without the Teen Dating Violence Advisory Board giving us invaluable insight and advice, along with their work to establish genuine connections with their peers, PADV would not be able to do what we do. The Board plays such a critical role in our teen dating violence prevention efforts and we are forever grateful for their contributions.

If you or someone you know would like to join the amazing work the Teen Dating Violence Advisory Board produces, we have exciting news! Applications for the upcoming school year are now open! Click here to view the application.

For assistance completing the application process, please email [email protected]. The application deadline is Friday, August 30, so apply today!

Written By: Jaime Croft
Teen Dating Violence Intern

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