Domestic Violence Awareness Month - PADV's Supportive Housing Program

Survivors of domestic violence are most at risk for being killed while leaving or after they’ve left the relationship. Leaving can also mean nowhere to go and no shelter over their children’s head. Domestic violence is the most common reason women give for homelessness.

PADV’s Supportive Housing Program:

PADV’s Supportive Housing Program provides a critical bridge to self-sufficiency for domestic violence survivors and their children. We serve over 230 people in community-based apartments, over half of them children. PADV pays a portion of the family’s rent and provides ongoing support, crisis management, connection with mental health services, counseling, and assistance with food, legal advocacy, childcare, personal care items and transportation. 92% of children said they learned how to be safe and 69% of parents said their child’s school performance improved.

You can raise awareness about domestic violence. You have the power to make a difference! Three quick things you can do:

  1. Share our crisis line on social media. Someone in your network needs it.
  2. Share our content with your social networks. Hashtag: #domesticviolenceawarenessmonth.
  3. Give to support a survivor moving into safe and stable housing.

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