The Love and Money Connection Event

By: Allyson Roberts
PADV Supporter

“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.”

Partnership Against Domestic Violence is excited to be a part of The Love and Money Connection event on October 20-21 at the Whitley in Buckhead. At the event, PADV’s vice president of marketing, Jeffrey Brown will be speaking on behalf of our organization. The Love and Money Connection is a two-day event created by Allyson Roberts and Chantal Schutz and is designed to help individuals find the love and prosperity they want and deserve. Most people treat love and money exactly the same way. At this event, attendees will learn the strategies and techniques to help them feel the love they’re missing as well as achieve the financial potential they deserve!

To help raise awareness of the event, Allyson Roberts wrote a guest post for the PADV blog.

When Chantal Schutz and I began putting together our Atlanta event – The Love and Money Connection on October 20-21 at the Whitley in Buckhead, we knew we needed to give back. Since we hold events all over the U.S. and Canada, we strive to make each event personal to its host city. My first thought for Atlanta was Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV).

I was introduced to PADV by a dear friend when she invited me to attend PADV’s annual Hearts with Hope Gala in 2017. What she didn’t know is that I am a survivor of child abuse. Attending the Gala was so much more than donning a pretty gown and Cinderella slippers.  For me, it was about coming full circle. The Gala gave me the opportunity to share the experience of providing hope and solutions to battered women and children. It was very difficult to not ruin my makeup as I sat listening to the stories of battered women who have transformed their lives from victims to survivors.

Chantal and I are offering a weekend where successful women have the chance to dig deeper into their love and money stories. The way we view our love and money either propels us to the next level of our success, or it blocks us from it. So many women are caught up in dramas and stories that no longer serve them. We are here to help navigate through the stories that don’t work and rewrite ones that serve your purpose, passion and prosperity.

Why is it important to have prosperity? Because we can’t serve others who need that helping hand without it. Love is a choice and money is a tool. When we serve other women and their children, the ripple effects are far-reaching. 

We hope that you will serve yourself by attending our Love and Money Connection event and when you purchase your ticket a portion of the proceeds will go directly to PADV. With your love and money you might just be the person who helps a battered woman reach a level of freedom that she couldn’t reach without you.

For more information or to register for the event, click here.


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